The Freak Wall

She had always been called a freak, in one way or another, by more than one group of people.

She was a freak to her sisters because she could get good grades with seemingly little effort. Because she actually liked to read.

She was a freak to her parents. With no athletic ability, she found her solace in music. They just couldn’t see the long-term gain from this.

She was a freak to the popular crowd at school. With her nose usually in a book, she didn’t fit in with their idea of cool. Coming from a poor family, she couldn’t afford the clothes they thought she needed to have.

At first the word stung. Whether it was whispered snidely as she passed by or shouted angrily in her face, it cut like a rusty blade, leaving destruction and infection in its path. She burrowed deeper into herself, attracting further unsavory names.

Until she moved.

There, at her new school, there was a wall called “The Freak Wall.” Her peers gathered there proudly, accepting that they didn’t conform with typical societal views. Here people embraced her quirks, her odd behavior, with a smile. They encouraged her to be different, to branch out.

Black lipstick and orange hair. Multiple facial piercings and gypsy skirts. Athletes that didn’t quite reach jock status. Gamers. Girls that lived in a fantasy created by their imagination. Amateur photographers with cameras ever present in their hands.

They came together to welcome her, this new freak. They taught her to wear this title like a badge of honor.

Why be the same when you can be so very different?

  I have a few friends who work with and/or write for Trifecta. They’ve always encouraged me to submit. This is my first time, and is a story based on my teen experiences. 



13 thoughts on “The Freak Wall

  1. This is truly lovely. I love it.

    I’m so happy you shared your story – and so proud of you for being exactly who you are. You are amazing.

  2. Hi, new Trifectan!

    This is an awesome story. I saw myself as a kid in school in your character. I was the reader, the gamer, the musician, etc. Fortunately my high school was a breeding ground for freaks so I fit in well enough (:

  3. I could relate so much to this – I didn’t fit in well, either- until we moved when I was sophomore in high school. They didn’t have a freak wall, but I found a place to fit in: band. About 130 of us enjoyed our own little society as Band Geeks!

  4. Welcome to our freak wall… 😉 this was great 🙂 I never went to school and was always glad, because the first part of the story would have happened to me, and sadly there are no guarantees that a freak wall will come to the rescue. I was happy for this girl 🙂 freaks rock!

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