A Healing Journey, According to Teala

Today I’m featuring a guest post from my WonderTwin, Ms. Teala!


Healing journey.

You can easily find a decent, generic definition for these words separately:

“Healing,” as an adjective, means “That heals or cures; curative; salutary.” “Journey,” a noun, means “A ‘spell’ or continued course of going or travelling, having its beginning and end in place or time, and thus viewed as a distinct whole; a march, ride, drive, or combination of these or other modes of progression to a certain more or less distant place, or extending over a certain distance or space of time…” (according to the Oxford English Dictionary)

However, the task of finding a good one for the idea created by the phrase healing journey is much more difficult. Why? I think, because everyone’s journey to healing is as different as the individual.

Me? I look at life in general as a healing journey.

Maybe it’s just my eternal optimism, but I don’t believe life is all about death, destruction, pain, and suffering. I believe life is more about healing ourselves and others through love and compassion. Our journey is never carried on alone. In the journey through life, love and compassion are two of the things that can and do bring us together in peace, and they can create inner peace and healing.

I know it’s not always easy to show love and compassion in some circumstances or to some people; however, keeping those at the front of my mind never fails to keep me calmer and more clear-headed in situations where I would ordinarily become frustrated, anxious, or angry.

My healing journey truly started when I began showing unconditional love and compassion for myself. It takes some work, even now. Loving and accepting myself has involved making time for self-care; making healthy decisions no matter how hard they might seem; and finding balance in my life. I’ve made sure to take love and compassion outside of myself: practicing love and compassion for others, including loved ones and strangers, can certainly be a test of my patience, but it’s also strengthened it.

I’ve also found that through my healing journey I’ve not been alone. Others have helped along the way. TiaMaria, whether she knows it or not (she knows now!), has helped me heal in so many ways. She’s the slightly older, wiser twin sister I didn’t have before. In the time I’ve known her, she has shown me more unconditional love than many I have known most of my life.

Life and healing is a journey, not a destination, and we never go through it alone.


**Teala blogs at Melt Into The Text and can be found lighting up my Twitter timeline as @TiLaMiLa  

4 thoughts on “A Healing Journey, According to Teala

  1. Unconditional love for yourself and healthy decisions (especially the hard ones) – the recipe for a good life. I love that I have found you and Tia on my healing journey. It is a blessing to have people who support and care for you.

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