Beacons Of Light

Probably one of the greatest feelings in the world is that of the extended family you get to choose for yourself. Or even better, the people who adopt you into their extended families. Working with Band Back Together, I’ve had the great honor to be adopted into a few families, and I’ve extended my group of siblings by many. My adopted sisters are the greatest friends I’ve ever had.

Another perk is all their kiddos.

I’ve always been a fan of kids. I’m certainly damn fond of my own little (not so little) guy. And while he’s too old to want to get Mama’s crafts in the mail, the kiddos of my friends seem to love the little things I make. And making gifts for them warms my heart in a way I just can’t find the words to explain.

The other day, I wrote a guest post for my gal Cindy, where I talked about one of my little heroes. Jack is a gem and I’m so blessed that his mom, Crys, has opened her family up to me. Jack’s wittiness lights up my Twitter feed and as Crys put it the other day, he touches the softest part of my heart. Each. Damn. Day.

Another of my adopted kiddos is Tracie’s daughter. Her bubbliness never fails to bring a giant grin to my face. When Tracie and I will have a video chat, Katarina will pop her head in to tell me about her cooking or show me the latest things she’s crafted. Our last chat, she used the webcam tools to give her mom a crown. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Since I know you all know how much I adore Tracie, you can probably imagine how special I feel that she’s allowed me to be a small part of her daughter’s life. When I can, I include little bits for Katarina in my letters and gifts to Tracie. Their family has become a part of mine, and I hold them all very dear.

I’m sure to those who don’t understand, it sounds creepy that I’ve adopted these kiddos via my internet friendships with their mothers. Hell, when I read that sentence, it IS creepy. But the unconditional love that flows from these children is so very pure, you just can’t help but want to be a part of their bright light.

And on the very darkest of days, that light is a beacon of hope so strong it could save the world.

It certainly saves me.


3 thoughts on “Beacons Of Light

  1. it only sounds creepy if you don’t understand the concept of The Band. The Band? Is totally not creepy. It is totally family.

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