The Stories Behind The Game

Yesterday I asked you to pick which snippet about me was untrue. I loved seeing the responses here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

It would seem that I picked some doozies since the responses were all over the map. Which makes me smile. Maybe I do have some stories left after all.

*I was once called a Nazi.

This is true. When I was younger, my family was in the military and we spent some time living in Germany. When we returned to the States, a little boy in my class called me a Nazi. It was the first time I can remember ever hating school.

*My high school graduation was held on ice.

This is true. I graduated from a small school whose basketball court/gym was too small to hold the crowds expected for graduations. They usually held such events in the newer and larger gym at the middle school but the year I graduated, there was some sort of conflict so we held the ceremony at the local ice rink. Since I was in the Midwest, this shouldn’t be a huge shock, but I’m from the West Coast, so it was odd for me. I sang at the ceremony and can STILL feel my legs shaking from the cold while I stood there trying to not let my teeth chatter in the middle of my song!

*I have a “hick” accent.

This is true. I grew up in a small farming community. While my mom works hard to hide the slight twang in her voice, my father doesn’t. My accent isn’t super noticeable unless I’ve been drinking or I’m very upset. Or if I’ve been chatting with my father’s family or my Southern friends. When I sing country, I can slip into the twang with barely a thought.

*Lilies are my favorite flower.

This is the lie. While I like lilies, my favorite flower is a daisy. When I was a kid, my mother and step-dad would have HUGE fights. Afterwards, he would always bring her home roses. I very early on associated roses with negativity. To this day, I refer to them as guilt flowers. As in, “He brought me roses, what did he do?” And so where most girls like roses, I despise them. Daisies have always struck me as simple and sweet. Innocent. I can remember sitting on the playground plucking the little ones that grew all over the field and playing “Loves Me, Loves Me Not.”

These are all such little tidbits about me, but things that most people in my daily life don’t know or notice. Thinking about it, I don’t think I purposefully keep them quiet. They’re just not things that come up in daily conversation.

Well, except the Nazi thing.

That’s not a story I share often as it still bugs me. I was barely ten years old and it scarred me. It’s the first time I can remember being openly judged, and in such a harsh manner. While the teacher did make him apologize, it still stung.

I had a lot of fun doing this, even if it did call up some ugly memories. We should do it again sometime, yes?


3 thoughts on “The Stories Behind The Game

  1. I feel so bad for little Tia. What an awful thing to happen. And even worse since you were the new kid in class.

    Daisies are really sweet. I always think of that episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai is talking to Max about proposing and says “there should be 1,000 yellow daisies,” and the next day he sends them. I never LOVED Max, but I did love that he did that.

    I’m still thinking of mine…..

  2. How the hell did you not freeze to death singing on the ice? I never understood how the Disney on Ice folks did it, either.

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