Liar, Liar

My gal Rebecca is participating in a writing challenge from Wego Health. While I’m not participating (I’m horrible at remembering to write each day.) her post yesterday sparked me.

I distantly remember the 3+1 game from school. Three truths and a lie. Can you guess which it is? I thought this would be a fun blog for those of you who don’t already know all my stories. And for those who know me best, maybe there are things you still don’t know.

So here goes. Leave your guesses in the comments and in my next post I’ll fill you in.

*I was once called a Nazi.

*My high school graduation ceremony was held on ice.

*I have a “hick” accent.

*Lilies are my favorite flower.

I’m gonna tag Tracie, Teala, Dawnie, Andrea, and Nat because I’m beside myself with curiosity. These gals all have interesting stories, I have no idea what they’d come up with. So get to writing, ladies!

I’d also like to guess about your life and learn something new, so if you wanna play, leave your links in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. I’m going with hick accent too being from Texas where those abound and not hearing one in your voice. I am super curious about the nazi and ice things.

  2. FUN!

    I know the hick accent is true (even thought I disagree). I can’t imagine a graduation being held on ice, but I’m hoping it is true because it is so awesome. I really can’t imagine someone calling you a Nazi, because that is crazy talk. I don’t know what your favorite flower is.

    So it is either Nazi or flower.

    I’m going to guess that you have never been called a Nazi.

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