I Return!

I know what you’re thinking.

She gets engaged and then goes off the radar for two weeks, WTF?!

In my defense, the last two weeks have been chaotic. For one thing, we discovered mice in our apartment. (EW!)

Also, some family stuff has been happening and well, between all that and being caught up planning for a wedding next year? Yeah, my brain has gone on vacation.

Fortunately, the mice problem is eradicated, family stuff has mostly calmed down, and I have some awesome people on board to help with the planning. Which all means that I suppose I’ll be back to write for you again.

And I have a very large bit of good news:

I saw my primary doctor this week for a follow-up appointment and got the closest thing to a clean bill of health that I’m likely to see. My shots seem to be keeping me maintained and I’ve managed to not catch the last cold virus that was around. I still have pain, that won’t ever go all the way away. And no, I’m not back to “normal” but I’m as normal as I will be. I’m at a good baseline and my doctor is thrilled. So are we.

I get to see the new rheum in April, so we’ll see what she says.

I know that this “normal” is far from my old self and where I’d like to be at 30 years old but I’m at peace with it…most days. I know that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be able to hold a “real” job, even at this good baseline, I’m unable to stand for long and my hands are only able to type for a short time before they tighten up.

It could be so much worse, though. This I know from my flares.

And if this is the remission I get? I’ll take it over a flare any day. The fatigue is still there, but just at the edges instead of resting heavily on my shoulders. My joints still swell with use but I’m able to use them. I washed laundry last week, a task I haven’t been able to do on my own in nearly a year.

I’m at peace, I’m happy, and for today, I can move. Sort of.


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