One Word: Heal

Tracie, as she’s continuously done, has inspired me.

Last year, Tracie talked about HOPE. I followed along all year and saw this word come through time and time again. She explained it to me once, and since then, it’s been brewing in my mind.

Over at One Word, there is a community of bloggers that choose one word to define their year and then they work all year towards the goals that word inspires within them and their lives. Even before December turned topsy turvy on me, I was thinking of joining in on this. I just had no idea of how to find my word.

And then, in the last week of the year, everything happened.

My lovely sister’s life was cut so very short. As I sat reeling, friends that I had struggled with all year demanded that we address our relationship. We fought, horribly. The time for my shot came due in the midst of a cold front and all the pain came crashing in waves. I felt overwhelmed with hurting and couldn’t see a way out. And then, in a dream that was more real than not, it came to me.


2013 will be a year of healing. I want to HEAL.

From the pain in my body, from the pain in my heart. I want to learn to be less angry and to forgive those that hurt me. I want to learn to let the hurt go and to HEAL from it all.

I want to spend these months healing from 2012 and moving forward.

And so I shall. One word at a time.


10 thoughts on “One Word: Heal

  1. Perfect. I pray that this is a year of healing for you. So much love and healing vibes!

    I can never settle on just one word. Last year, I chose 7 words. This year, I narrowed it to 2 – or one phrase, Fairy Tales – one intention?

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