Sugarbaker Wondertwins

One of my favorite shows is/was Designing Women.

One of my deepest guilty pleasures is to watch it whenever they show reruns. I think it’s the classier version of Sex and the City.

I’ve always loved Mary Jo. Her life was just so…believable. Sometimes good things happened, other times it all went to pot. She yelled, cried, jumped up and down, laughed without restraint. She showed emotion. In an office with Julia, who was the epitome of refined.

Julia was an enigma for me. She was so refined, classy. But goodness help you if you angered her. I always admired that and went through a brief period where I tried to be refined. It didn’t work. As I’m often fond of saying, I haven’t been a lady since I was three. I never did learn how to sit like a lady, I don’t believe in nylons, I swear, and I don’t know which is the salad fork.

In my elementary days, I wanted to recreate The Babysitters Club. In my preteen years, I wanted to recreate the Sugarbaker Designs office. Sadly, neither of those dreams bore fruit.

Teala, Teala, Teala.

(P.S. How cool is it that her blog is SNOWING?!?!??!)

I was going to tell you how our friendship started, sadly, I can’t remember. I know I met her through Band Back Together, but I can’t pinpoint when I let her into my heart. When I try to think of it, I just know that she’s always been my twin. Maybe it started when Aunt Becky kept confusing our names, maybe not. I bet if you asked Teala, she’d remember. She’s awesome like that.

We started calling each other our Twins. Despite her gorgeous red hair and the fact she’s a few years younger, I’m sure we were separated at birth. Which was awfully rude of our parents, if you ask me. However it happened, Teala and I have our own particular brand of crazy that seems to make sense to us. Most of the time, anyway.

Teala is Charlene in that she’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. Just hearing her voice puts a smile on my face, she just exudes sugar. She’s ridiculously giving and never more than a moment away. She’s also brilliantly intelligent. She multitasks in a way that makes me want to ask her to teach a class for the rest of us.

When I realized that Mary Jo (me) had found her Charlene, I was ecstatic. Then Teala went and turned into Julia on me and I’m even more ecstatic!

While it saddens me that Teala was pushed to a point where she was angry, it was something marvelous to watch. With the same passion that often had Julia marching off to some politician’s office, Teala put her foot down. And while I was absolutely in agreence with her, I still sat in shock.

It’s a bit like finding the cute panda you’re petting is the mama bear and someone’s just harmed her cub.

I know this sounds like maybe I’m coming down on Teala, I’m not. And sweetheart, if you’re reading this and it upsets you, I’m sorry.

I love Teala with a passion reserved for a select few in my life. She will be my sister, my twin, forever. One day I’ll get to Texas and it’ll be like long-lost twins finding each other. (Teala, we should probably warn the guys…) When I was whining about spending a weekend home alone, Teala organized a girls night via video chat. When I am so confused by something I can’t see straight, she comes to my rescue. Even if she’s in the middle of a huge paper with a looming deadline.

In short, I love ya gal. Whether you’re Charlene or Julia or just SuperTeala, the best superhero I know. You’re my twin, which means you must be full of the awesome. Thank you for all the things you’ve done and do for me each and every day. Thank you for sharing this life with me and bringing a smile to my days.

Thank you for being you.


7 thoughts on “Sugarbaker Wondertwins

  1. You and Teala both amaze me. Whether you realize it or not, you have many differing facets to your personality too. I’m loving getting to see them a little bit here, a little bit there. luff you!

  2. Oh, WonderTwin! You have made me cry so much happiness. I’m so happy to be the Charlene/Julia to your Mary Jo. And no, it does not hurt me in any way. There was a time in my life when I just bottled up the anger and irritation, and that is unhealthy. There is such a thing as healthy anger, and that’s what I try to keep it at. I’m warning the boyfriend and family now! 🙂

  3. Designing Women!?!?! I knew I loved you.

    Baby Sitters Club and Designing women are my favorites.

    I loved reading this – because you are awesome, and Teala is awesome, and I’m just plan surrounded by awesome people.

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