Day 14, Bliss

As I mentioned, yesterday was a wonderful day.

My boyfriend had the day off, so we got to sleep in for a change. Miraculously, my body complied and I didn’t wake up until after 10 am.

Another miracle, my body was fairly cooperative. While I have been in the midst of a flare the last week or so, yesterday dawned with only minor aches. I took full advantage.

When my flares are here, I don’t cook. Or clean. Or shower, some days. I turn inward, conserving energy to be able to just take care of myself. The flip side being, when a good day graces me, I tend to want to do ALL THE THINGS. Yesterday was no exception.

I cooked a breakfast bake for our late brunch. I started dinner brewing in the crock pot, and I cleaned the mess in my kitchen left by the maintenance men and what was probably a week’s worth of dishes. I was smart, I remembered to take breaks and to not stand in one place for too long, lest my legs give out and I wind up on my ass.

I caught up on some crafting and readied items for a craft sale I’m participating in. I listened as my boyfriend practiced with his guitar in the other room.

I set out bread dough to rise and made creamy chicken with mashed potatoes and fresh rolls for dinner. And while my other half was at band practice, I made a new brownie recipe.

All in all, it was a lovely day spent spoiling myself and the one I love.

I can’t say that I focused on any one thing that I was thankful for, nor did I specify one thing for self-care. Instead, I spent the day doing things that made me smile while my body surprisingly cooperated. I spent time with my love, smiled often, and indulged.

I simply lived and enjoyed a good day.

And if you can’t find the gratitude or self-care in that, maybe you need a day of living.


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