Day 13, New Friends

I would apologize for missing a day, but yesterday was so wonderful, I can’t be sorry for it.

Tuesday, the 13th, was a mess.

Monday night, our kitchen sink suddenly filled with water. It didn’t overflow, and eventually drained, but since we hadn’t been using the sink, we were concerned. When we woke up Tuesday morning, the water was back.

What followed was a hassle with our property management company to get maintenance to come and fix the problem. They came. And were here ALL DAY. My boyfriend had to work, so here I sat as maintenance trekked in and out throughout my day. Finally, just before dinner time, they finished.

Because of the stressful day, it was hard to find something to be thankful for. I was irritated, frustrated, and I cursed so often my poor father would be ashamed.

I would call the day a wash, except Tuesday also happened to be the night my new friend had invited me over for a girl’s night. I wasn’t going to go, in fact, I had cancelled when it looked like they’d be working on the sink into the night. But as the maintenance men packed their gear out my door, I decided I deserved a night out.

Kristen is a doll, and a blessing in my life for sure. In one fell swoop, she turned around a yucky day and provided me with a unique way of spoiling myself.

Since losing most of my local friends, I don’t have just girl’s nights. For the longest time, I’ve thought it was something to do with me. I’m not big on clubbing. I don’t like to get falling down drunk and I can’t dance so going out to clubs doesn’t hold a lot of appeal for me. I don’t have very much extra money, so going out to dinners or shows isn’t something I can do. It would seem, these things alienate me from the females in our circle.

Until Kristen, that is. She likes a lot of the same things I do and we’re both much happier to be warm and comfortable at home than out and about. She and I’ve gotten to hang out some with our other halves, but Tuesday was our first girl’s night.

We watched a movie and had snacks. We had a few other gals with us and it was delightful. I was able to be comfortable while enjoying the company and hospitality of new friends. And it warmed my heart.

I’ve got a special gift in mind for Kristen. See, she also passed along some crafting materials to me (Like I need more paper and beads, no?) so I’m working on a gift basket for her, complete with some yummy beauty stuffs.

It’s gonna be a big basket, y’all. It has to be, to repay the gift of turning a yucky day into a wonderful memory.


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