Day 11, Returning to Normal

As I mentioned, Saturday night, we stayed up a bit too late.

Normally not a problem, for some reason, my pain pill didn’t cause me to fall right to sleep like it usually does. I tossed and turned, the pain and restlessness keeping me from dropping off until after two in the morning.

When my boyfriend’s alarm went off a few short hours later, I could barely rouse myself. Feeling weak, I stayed in bed when he left for work, hoping to catch some more rest. I slept for a few more hours, but awoke still weak and lightheaded.

When he got home from work, my boyfriend helped me to get ready. Since we had taken Saturday for ourselves, we needed to go visit his dad. Too weak to put on my own socks and shoes, I still stubbornly insisted on going with him. In hindsight, I really should have listened and stayed in bed.

Our visit went well. Pops seems to be improving a bit each day, which is reassuring to us. Unfortunately, with his increased strength returns his cantankerousness. (Draw whatever similarities you’d like here, but I’ve never sneered at an offered gift.)

Still, I’m thankful to see his attitude return, not because it makes him easier to work with, but because it’s a sign that he’s getting back to normal.

After caring for Pops for a number of months last year, I’m fairly familiar with his moods and quirks. When we saw him in the hospital, those quirks had all but disappeared. He was agreeable and cooperative with staff. This had my boyfriend and I more worried than anything else.

Even last week, as we got his dad settled into the nursing facility, we were concerned. Pops has a strong dislike of both safety belts and male nurses. So when a male CNA walked into his room and used a safety belt to assist Pops with transferring without any balking from him, we were shocked. Was he giving up?

Apparently, no.

Yesterday Pops was back to his old snappy ways, barking at the staff as they assisted him. As sorry as this makes me for the staff, it was refreshing to see Pops more like himself.

While he is still a patient, there is nothing I can do to show my gratitude to the staff without crossing boundaries, other than continuing to thank them each day. However, as soon as Pops is ready to head back to his home, I plan to bake a tray of cookies or something for all the hard working nurses who’ve been putting up with his moods while helping him to recover.

Self-care was a bit lacking yesterday in that I didn’t do anything specific and I didn’t stay home when I should have. However, I did stay in bed yesterday morning instead of trying to push past the dizziness and possibly winding up on the floor. After we got back last night, my sweetheart spoiled me by ordering in pizza. I curled up with my blanket, some greasy comfort food, and watched Mythbusters with my love.

While the day as a whole was rough, it still was something to be grateful for.


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