Day 10, Relaxation

I know this was due yesterday, but I had a rough day and frankly didn’t do anything. I even missed my Dose of Happy over at Band Back Together, so it’s not like I only ignored you.

Saturday was nice.

My boyfriend had the day off from both his day job and his band, which is fairly rare for a weekend. We had originally planned to sleep in a bit and then head to visit his father. However, when we woke up, we were feeling very lazy. Eager to have a day of complete relaxation, we called his dad to reschedule.

What followed was nothing short of bliss.

We stayed in our pajamas, napping, watching football, snacking. We didn’t even leave our bedroom until after three in the afternoon. We made Chinese for dinner, watched an old favorite movie (Crybaby, swoon), and stayed up a bit too late.

It was wonderful.

I’m greatly thankful for days like this. With the mancake’s day job, his schedule changes constantly. Add that to usually having three evenings a week devoted to his band, and our couple time is a bit limited.

It’s not that we don’t spend time together, we do. There’s just always something else going on. Most evenings, he’s either at work or exhausted from work. On his nights off, we’ve usually had plans of some sort. With his dad being sick, most days off have been driving back and forth to visit Pops.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy any time we get together, whether it’s chatting in the car or out with friends. But you can’t deny that a day spent in pajamas with your love is nothing short of heaven.

Showing my thankfulness for such rare days is hard. I appreciate them when they’re here, but how do I show my gratitude? If you have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.

Since Saturday was spent in pajamas, the entire day was filled with self-care. I napped as I wanted, caught up on some reading, watched my secret boyfriend Johnny Depp dance across my screen, and RELAXED.

Nice how it all worked together, hmm?


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