Day 4, Indulging a Volunteer

I still haven’t figured out my WordPress app. Sue me. Or don’t, because I’m broke and that would make me cry.

Sunday was a pleasantly busy day for me. My other half had to work the early shift so I lounged in bed for a few extra hours because sleep is awesome. Then I plopped in front of my trusty laptop for a round of meetings for Band Back Together. Since I’m a member of the Operations Committee as well as a lead on a few individual teams, it’s kinda important that I show up.

Our meetings are held via video chat and are always a mix of work and laughter. Which basically means that I have the coolest co-workers ever.

Which also leads me to my thankful thing:

I’m thankful that I’m able to do a job I LOVE, work with people I adore, and have a mission I truly believe in. The girls I work with are family, a varied pack of sisters, with a few brothers thrown in. We laugh with each other and hold each other up as we cry. We are truly a Band, even if it may be a band of misfits.

No other job could I call and say I’m taking a day for my mental health, I’ll be out of the office while I play in the park to be happy. A normal boss would look at you like you’re insane. Aunt Becky smiles and says, “Tomorrow it’s my turn!”

No other job could I work on a schedule that caters to my body’s moods. Some days I get ALL THE THINGS done. Others, I’m lucky if I check email. No one’s blowing up my phone with reprimands or threatening to fire me.

Yes, it is strictly a volunteer position. But to me, it is my job. I don’t care if I never collect a dime of pay for what I do, I will do it until I can’t anymore. The Band is doing AMAZING things, things I believe are necessary in our world. And I want to be a part of those things.

So how do I show my gratitude for such a wonderful organization? I’m donating near on $75 worth of homemade goods to their upcoming auction. It’s a small thing, in the big picture of things, but those funds go to make sure Band Back Together remains ad-free, their server costs are paid, and they can further outreach efforts to make sure that eventually everyone has heard our stories.

For my self-care yesterday, I indulged. We had company over for dinner, which involved me buzzing around my kitchen like a little bee. For dessert, indulgence. We had raspberry and strawberry sorbet topped with a shot of coconut rum. Best. Frozen. Drink. Ever. And for a cap to my busy day, it was fantastic to sit and relax with a fruity drink and good company.


**If you would like to donate to Band Back Together’s upcoming auction, please contact them at:  If you’d like to support them in another way, you can purchase one of their spiffy calendars here. If’n you’d like to donate funds, there is a Paypal button located on the site’s main page. 

Any and all you do is appreciated. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact them at:


2 thoughts on “Day 4, Indulging a Volunteer

  1. I love volunteering for the band for the same reason: if I can’t do the things, I explain why, and they always say that its ok and they love me.

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