Day 2, Stress Relieved

Oy, what a way to start November!

Yesterday was spent finally getting my boyfriend’s father moved to a nursing facility to continue his recovery. Alas, I still haven’t managed to figure out how to post from the WordPress app on my phone without the formatting being all wonky. And by the time we got home, I was pooped.

Yesterday I was thankful for the wonderful staff at the hospital. We’ve had some not so fabulous experiences with medical staff over the last few years. Naturally, we’re a bit gun shy about any time we have to spend with his dad at the hospital.

This time around, though, things were so much smoother. Yes, there were insurance hassles, there always are. But the staff worked WITH us, kept open lines of communication, and truly made us feel like they actually cared about what happened with Pops. As you might imagine, this went a long way towards making a stressful time a bit smoother.

To show my gratitude and appreciation, I wrote out a thank you card. I’ll have the boyfriend sign it today after work and we’ll drop it in the mail. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I love thank you cards. A lost custom that I think today’s society needs to embrace.

For self care, I rested. Yesterday was the culmination of a week’s stress. Stress is horrible for my RA and since I’m still off my RA meds for another few weeks, any little thing can trigger a flare. After we saw his dad safely settled, we hauled booty back to town so the boyfriend could get ready for his gig. Normally I would go with him. Certainly I wanted to go. But my body was already yelling (loudly), so I opted to stay home and rest so that I may stave off a brutal flare.

Helpful staff, thank you notes, and resting. It’s only day 2 and I’m already feeling better.


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