A Month of Positivity

Holy time flies, Batman!

Last week I had every intention of putting out a few more posts between now and today. However, life intervened, like it does.

Friday night, we got word that my boyfriend’s father was being hospitalized due to an infection. The last few days have been spent visiting with him while working with staff and caseworkers to get him moved to a higher care facility where he can regain the strength and mobility lost due to being sick. It’s been a crazy few days.

I had originally planned to announce a winner to my contest today, but with all that’s been going on, I’d like to extend the contest to Monday, November 5th. This will give more people the opportunity to enter as well as an opportunity for those of you who have already entered to spread the word and sneak in that second shot. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Today is the first of November and for many of my fellow writers, this means NaNoWriMo. While I would like to join up this year, I think I must decline. With things still being so up and down on a daily basis, I know in my heart that I would miss a day, and would count it as a failure and give up. Not exactly conducive to a healthy mental state.

Instead I’ve decided to put a plan in place that WILL be beneficial to a positive mental state.

I recently joined a group of gals on Facebook who are looking for support as we all try to better ourselves in one way or another. We’re not saying we’re not good enough, just that we’d like to work on some things for our own health, be that mental, emotional, or physical. This group combined with my guru have really helped me to make huge strides in my life.

Wanting to continue this feel-good streak, I’ve decided to make November a month of thankfulness and self-care.

Each day I will focus on something I am thankful for, show my thankfulness in some manner, and practice a form of self-care. As a wise woman told me recently, if I don’t treat myself like I’m worth it, why should I expect others to?

I would like it very much if others would like to join me on this journey. Whether you choose to tweet it, blog it, or keep a journal. Maybe you’ll post it in a series on Facebook, or via Instagram. Whatever works for you.

Here are the guidelines I’ve established:

*Each day I will be thankful for something or someone and show it in some way. A thank you card in the mail, a nice email, doing a favor for someone, the possibilities are endless.

*Each day I will practice a form of self-care. This could be whatever I need that day. A nap, a fruity drink with a straw, a bubble bath, a manicure or pedicure, having an extra treat just because. Again, the possibilities are endless.

*Each day I will post a short blog describing my choices. (This means I need to figure out how to post successfully from the WordPress app on my phone. Bear with me.)

My goal here is to inspire myself to get in the habit of doing positive each day. If I can do it, anyone can. And I suppose in a way, I will be writing each day. So I just may be ready for NaNoWriMo next year.

If you’d like to join this journey with me, please comment each day with a link to wherever you are sharing. I look forward to sharing this with all of you. Who knows what will happen with all the goodness we’ll be putting out there!


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