I Give You These Three Things

On my 25th birthday, my mother said something that stuck with me.


As you might imagine, 25 holds a myriad of emotions for me. This time around, 25 will be lucky. Why? Because it means you, yes YOU, get a chance to win something handmade by yours truly.

I’m currently working on some new jewelry designs courtesy of my sister from another mister and Cindy Lou. Between the two of them, I have enough to stir the creative juices for MONTHS. (That totally sounded dirty, I know. GET OUT OF THE GUTTER, MIND!) Because of all this awesome creativity, the prize up for grabs is a whopper!

The prize will be a goody basket including a variety of jewelry, beauty products, and fashion items.

How does one win this fantastic prize? I’m so glad you asked!

Using my mother for inspiration, because why the hell not, I ask that you leave a comment with three things you are proud of in your life. (One for each third of your theoretical life.) As morbid as the thought might be, if you were to be lost to us tomorrow, what three things would you want to be remembered for?

And because fair is fair, here are my three:

  • I am proud to say that I am a mother. Should nothing be left of my life, let it be known that I had my babies even when the odds were against me and I loved them with all of my heart. It may be a mother’s bias, but my son is a true credit. He’s intelligent, top of his class, clever, creative, polite, kind, sweet-hearted, loving, and incredibly handsome. He brings me joy every single day and has from the moment he took his first breath. My daughter’s loss taught me a great many things about myself and was part of the path that led me to Band Back Together.
  • I am proud of my work to help others. Even before I came to BB2G, I worked to assist. I spent time at the women’s crisis shelter that once sheltered me to help give back some of what they had given me. I’ve used the knowledge gained by my trials to help others know that they can overcome anything. Each day that I am alive, free, safe, and loved is a testament to giving to those less fortunate. As I was once helped, I will continue to help others. We are none of us alone, we are all connected.
  • I am proud that I have loved. While I may have lost along the way, I have never given up on love, never turned cold in the face of life’s greatest gift. And I have been blessed because of it. I have the love of a truly wonderful man. My son will grow up with love in his home, and will know the blessing of a great role model. I have friends who are dearer to me than blood, friends who span an entire continent, across time zones and borders. These sisters of my heart show me a love so cherished that it brings tears to my eyes to think of it. I would do anything in my power to bring joy to these people who love me and are loved by me. Love has touched my life and shown me beauty.

These are what I consider the best parts of me. If there were nothing left to know me by but these things, I would consider my life a success. Hopefully I’ll leave many wonderful things behind. Maybe that novel will finally be finished and published. Maybe I’ll go back to school and further my pursuit of psychology. Maybe I’ll finally conquer my stage fright and fear of rejection and become a musician. I am still young and there is life ahead of me. Whatever I choose to do with my future, I will always hold these three things as my ultimate truths.

So I ask you, my readers, what are your truths? What do you hope to leave as testament to your life? Share three things with me in the comments and be entered to win a lovely (if I do say so myself) goody basket tailor made for you. If you’d like to double your chances of winning, share this post with your friends, ask them to leave a comment with their truths and list your name as reference. I will announce a winner on November 1st.

I wish you joy, my dear friends. May your life truths bring you the same peace reflecting upon mine has brought me.


6 thoughts on “I Give You These Three Things

  1. These three things are something to be proud of, my friend. These are things worth being remembered for. These are three of the things that make me proud to call you friend.
    Here are mine:

    a) I survived. I survived: losing a parent as a teen; rape; domestic violence; numerous car crashes; multiple divorces; addiction. Survival takes strength. I am proof that it is possible to survive, it is possible to go on, it is possible to thrive.
    b) I am recovering. My recovery kicks stigmas in the taco. My recovery proves that the old lie is dead. The old adage “once an addict, always an addict” holds no truth today. Recovery is possible. LIFE is possible.
    c) I, too, have loved. To love is to know joy. To love is to live. To love is to fulfill heaven’s purpose for each of us.

    Thank you for helping me see the warmth of the sun on a cold grey rainy day in the swamp! #thisiswhyiloveyou

  2. Three things…
    1. My family – I’m raising some very cool little people.
    2. My perspective – I am still bit of a basket case, but with a lot less drama than when I was 25. Took me a long time to recognize that my baggage isn’t me, it’s just things that have happened to me. It doesn’t define who I am, it’s just along for the ride (preferably in the trunk).
    3. I am no longer afraid – of life, of success, or failure. I finally figured out that being safe might keep you in a bubble, but bubbles are boring. Look fear in the eye, and then kick it in the hooha.

  3. 1. I have loved, and loved hard. With that goes being generous, giving, and compassionate. I’d really like people to remember that about me. I think I’ve done pretty good (so far) at bringing up my kids to love as well. And I’m fairly certain they know how much I love them.

    B. I’ve given so much of myself. Volunteering to transport animals, working with abused animals, taking care of so many animals who were in need that wound up with us forever, and the list goes on. Sure, I’ve done stuff for people too, but the animals don’t have their own voice, and I like to think I help give that to them.

    III. I’ve made it, and I am not afraid. I’ve gotten through cancer, abuse, loss, and so many other terrible things, but I can still find the happy. I not only survived, I thrived! And I will continue to do so every single day.

    I love your three things so hard.

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