25 is the new 30

I had good intentions when I started this blog, but you know what they say about good intentions.

I also had a lot of self-doubt when it came to writing. I knew I needed to write but was unsure what to write about and whether anyone would want to read it.

Yesterday’s post marked 20 posts. I don’t know why this number struck me, but it did. It felt like…well, it felt like I had crossed some bridge. As if, because I had reached this point, I had passed some previously undisclosed probationary period.

And you? You read. You’ve stuck with me and you continue to comment. I may not always reply directly, but I see them. And they warm my heart more than there are words to tell you.

With all this in mind, I’ve decided that 25 is a nice round number. So my 25th post will be a contest to win something from my store. I haven’t decided on the exact parameters of the contest yet, so don’t ask and try to cheat.

Cheating cheaters who cheat are bad, mmmkay?

I went to the Tweeter machine to ask what I should be writing about as I lead up to this lovely contest. I got some awesome ideas so expect to be seeing some fun things in the next few posts.

Today’s was inspired by both Tracie and Cindy.

Here are 25 Random Truths About Me:

  1. Coconut crème pie is my favorite. But not just any coconut crème pie. My younger sister is an amateur baker and hers is phenomenal.
  2. I developed an allergy/intolerance to tomatoes during my pregnancy with my son. Yes, I miss BBQ sauce.
  3. I have a LOT of favorite movies.
  4. My first boyfriend broke up with me via my best friend (his new fling) on my mom’s answering machine while I was away at camp.
  5. I LOVE panda bears.
  6. I’m terrified of heights, specifically bridges, but I love roller coasters.
  7. My coffee is more like chocolate milk with a hint of java.
  8. I had a guinea pig as a pre-teen. I named him Blue.
  9. Despite two clear ultrasounds telling me otherwise, I swore my son was a girl right up to the moment I delivered him. His name would have been Rae Anne. He’s happy I was wrong.
  10. I lived in Germany for a few years as a young kid.
  11. I once had to memorize all the books in the Bible in order to earn a scholarship to church camp.
  12. I have 12 brothers and sisters. I only really speak to two of them.
  13. I’m missing half of my left knee due to a dog bite when I was 11.
  14. I was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. I competed in Accounting. I’m horrible with money.
  15. I’ve seen purple lightening in Kansas.
  16. I see a red door and I DON’T want to paint it black.
  17. I once melted a spoon in my mother’s microwave. It also sparked and blew up her microwave. She was not impressed.
  18. Daisies are my favorite flower.
  19. When I was younger, my step-sisters and kids in my class, and even my parents, teased me by calling me Chia Pet because it rhymed with my name.
  20. I took three years of Spanish in school. I can ask where the bathroom is and order beer.
  21. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was in my twenties.
  22. As a teen, I covered an entire wall in my bedroom with comic strips.
  23. For the longest time, I pronounced epitome as ep-ih-toeme. I read it somewhere and wanted to use it.
  24. I’ve been to The Mall of America…and not bought anything.
  25. I’ve never been to a professional sports game.

5 thoughts on “25 is the new 30

  1. I want to see purple lightening.

    I love red doors. Even more, I love teal doors. Doors should have colors. I have never lived in a house with an interestingly colored door. But the door to our hotel room is a dark-ish green (this doesn’t exactly make my list of interesting door colors).

    One time, I set our microwave on fire when I was a teenager – I had meant to use the timer feature to time some brownies I was baking (because the timer on our oven was broken), but I accidentally made it cook for one hour and 35 minutes and then went in the other room. When I returned an hour later, it was not pretty. But it actually continued to work for more than ten years after that (putting its age roughly at 25). It was a magical microwave.

  2. Rae Ann reminds me of My So Called Life, which I love, love, love.
    And now I’m curious, what’s one of your favorite movies?

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