What’s amiss, Miss?

Good gravy, I’ve been a busy bee!

I took my weekend home alone and spent it rediscovering my creativity. And I have barely sat still since.

For months now, I’ve been thinking I needed to do something with all the craft projects I’ve completed. As much as I LOVE making gifts for all my friends and family, crafting is spendy and I’m one broke gal. I’ve been looking into online stores and sites like Etsy and Ebay but I haven’t committed to anything. I couldn’t see choosing a site that would charge fees for my customers or force me to have higher prices in order to cover fees charged to me.

I suppose I’m a bit of a romantic in that I love a good old fashioned homemade item for a set price. No hassle, no fuss, no hidden small print. And so, a suggestion from a friend seemed to be my answer. An online store hosted by…me! Right here, on this blog.

What better way to control the cost?

And for customers? Why there’s all of you, of course!

So I’ve been busy behind the scenes, getting my store ready to launch and finishing projects to have ready for order. I hope to have it up and running this weekend. Primarily, I’ve been creating jewelry, hair decorations, and scented heat pads. I have dozens of other ideas brewing but no absolute set course.

Which means, if there’s something you’d like to see, I’m open to suggestion 🙂


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