Relearning The Spoon Theory

This last week has been a doozy for me. Once again, I tried to pretend I’m not sick, and I paid the price.

For those who’ve read The Spoon Theory or for those who are spoonies, you understand what it is to push an invisible illness too far. What extra energy you may spend today, makes for a harder tomorrow. I’ve learned this lesson many times over since my diagnosis early this year. And yet, there are still times I forget that I must micromanage myself and I overdo it.

Last week? Definitely one of those times.

Emotionally, it was a rough week. The boyfriend and I had a lot of stress that had piled up and instead of dealing with it, I tried to shove it away. Last week, it all came spilling out in a big mess. Also, I’ve taken on a few new projects with The Band and, while I’m loving all I do there, I didn’t time manage very well and was feeling WAY overwhelmed.

To top it off, a cousin I haven’t seen since we were teenagers was flying into town for a brief visit. And I mean BRIEF. Her flight got in late Thursday and then she left again early Friday. Which means I had to drive an hour to pick her up, an hour back to our home to sleep for a few hours and then an hour back to the airport for a quick goodbye and another hour home to try to get some work done.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Long drives, stress, emotions and not eating well = A VERY pissed off body.

The rest of Friday and Saturday involved me shuffling around our apartment with extremely swollen feet and attempting to work on the laptop with swollen and achy hands. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish much. I did get some baking done which made me feel a little less useless, though.

Now this week has been playing catch-up. Which is rough since it’s a holiday week.

The emotions are still running high here. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve definitely been more on the sensitive side these last few days. It lead to me ranting on Facebook this morning about respecting freedom. Clearly, my Facebook isn’t a good place for me to be jumping up on a soapbox.

So I’m off to start the coffee-IV drip for what is going to be a long holiday. Which means tomorrow I will likely be working from bed.

Anyone have a few extra spoons to loan me?


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