The Welcome Committee

I’ve been struggling with starting a new blog for awhile now.

See, way back before life dumped a crap load on me, I blogged regularly. I was clever, had quirky themes for different days of the week, and was generally cheery. To be honest, I was in a pretty carefree point in my world. And then life happened and I had to grow up a bit. Even harder? I had to watch the man I love grow up a LOT.

All that stress and responsibility made it hard to go back to the frivolous writing. Not to say that I didn’t put my heart and soul into that blog because I did. But going from one serious post a month to intense shit every day wasn’t an adjustment I could expect from my readers. They enjoyed the happy-go-lucky me. Hell, I enjoyed the happy-go-lucky me and there have been a number of days that I’ve prayed fervently that I could back to those days. But that wasn’t, and isn’t, me any longer. I can still be snarky and quirky. Just, now there’s a bit more intensity behind it. When each keystroke uses joints that ache and energy that is quickly spent, you learn to make them meaningful.

Earlier this year, I attempted to start a new blog. Some of you may have read it and so you’ll know that I faded quickly. I had made that blog into a diary and at that time, I was still angry and hurting. Even I got tired of the content after a bit. And it was about ME.

So this is my third and (hopefully) final try. I can’t promise there won’t be some griping here. It happens. But my hope is that there will be more of the quirkiness. And? If I am going to gripe, I want to do it in a way that it may help someone else like me. Because then all my pain, all the mess, it serves a purpose. And I can go on in life knowing that everything happens for a reason.

With all that being said, I guess all that’s left is:

Welcome and enjoy. Feel free to stalk me via the Tweeter machine or email me: Comments are always welcome but know I reserve the right to tell you you’re wrong. It’s bound to happen since I’m usually right. Except for when I’m wrong. Which is usually a mistake.


4 thoughts on “The Welcome Committee

  1. Do what you gotta do, yo. This is your little corner and bends to your will. I’m glad to listen to griping or quirk, as long as it’s y-o-u. Sing it, sister.

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